TotalGlass was designed in response to the most state of the art trends in construction, in line with the concept of:


Stone equals a cold but also modern style. It is a material which has forever been used in construction


Glass, in turn, is a binding material which connects the bests of architecture of the XXI century


Wood is a classic synonym of warmth, which makes the interior cosy, due to the internal side of the TotalGlass profile

All Pinus profiles
are always of high quality

Pinus brand has always been associated with the best possible quality and it is also the case when it comes to our newest profile.

For all those who do not want to compromise

You live only once and you should not think inside the box. Let’s free our imagination and let be led by emotions, which are the most important thing in life.

Why TotalGlass


Simplicity, elegance, minimalism, originality, functionality and unadornedness balanced with warm elements are hallmarks of modern architecture. They are also distinctive elements of TOTALGLASS SYSTEM, which is our answer to modern aesthetics.

Large number of configurations

TotalGlass System may be used in different configurations: large fixed glazing with balcony windows, sliding doors, as well as structural connection of glass panes. The system allows their incorporation into any constructions without prejudice to aesthetics and durability.


Due to the specifics of the product, only the external colour range is limited – the glass surface. The inside may be painted with colourless varnish embracing the contrasts and natural beauty of wood used or with paint in any colour matching the interior.

Large glass panes

TotalGlass allows valiant architectural designs. Thanks to this, glass surfaces may raise vertically to the sky undisturbed and extend horizontally to accommodate the surrounding landscape. The system allows the building of constructions up to three metres high with no divisions needed.


The glass hardening process to which each layer of TOTALGLASS SYSTEM is subjected is intended to make it particularly resistant to knocks and mechanical damage.

Saving energy

Windows chosen correctly keep even up to 30 % of heat in the building. With respect to saving energy, TOTALGLASS is ahead of today’s standards and it already fulfils the requirements of energy saving for buildings contained in the regulation on technical conditions for 2021.

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